Purify and Swallow

we came to drink the word
[ my life circles around your star that feeds on my fears
making me kiss the ring; it hides the sweetest poison
my world dissolves in dark hole formed at your bidding ]

we came to drink the wisdom
[ my knees bend to reach heavens
sky burns with holy fire, purifying my emptiness
giving me shape I always dreaded, in the name of eternity ]

we came to drink the venom
[ it spreads the hell in my soul, plunges obscure horrors into my mind
I want to fill my veins with light
which opposes the darkness with a strength of a dying star
it swallows the void, it swallows all ]

we came to—
I came to die for word
for wisdom
… and for false gods
which drag me into abyss
full of unnamed blasphemies