when the sleep's gossamer steals the senses
a beguiling call rings; the branches quiver
a stygian raven slips through the open window
hallowed shadow clad in wind and lunar dust

my dreams - a maddening mazes; a beast awaits

the bird leans, its eyes like holes
my wrists - an open pond of life
its beak taps and prods and stabs
the murmur of trees invokes a mare

a pitch-black horse
which shoves her head through the veil of murk
dead eyes glaring, nightmares usher in

my dreams cascade with oily darkness
when crimson oozes from pierced flesh
the feathers brim, it nips and flickers
corals and rubies, blood and sweat

oh, give me relief from dreams, o mare
the bird's eyes roll, it sinks so deep
the witching hour's child, a sanguisuge
leaving rimes as it quits